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After 3 months of building, improvising, testing, modifying, testing, cutting, glueing, etc. the Swift NX 550 Jet Ranger is just about ready!

Actually, this project started back in the spring of 2013 when Russ (MiniBoy) sold me his NIB Century Real Deal Jet Ranger fuselage.  Then in early 2016 he donated a WHOLE BUNCH of helicopter parts.  Then in early 2017 he sold me his NIB cyclic servos, tail gyro and tail servo.  Russ is half-owner of this project, and the reason it even exists :)

Due to life the project started, stopped, started, stopped, then started again.  Here's some initial videos made in the last month or so, when things were finally ready to be test flown.

2017 Build Pics (around 600):

Test flight of air-frame only:

Getting the air frame into the fuselage (simplified):

First few flights:

Discussions/Blogs over on RC Groups:


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