3S Setup (3900-5000 RPM) - User Option (Fixed Endpoints Mode)

CastleLink setup menu modified for Fixed-Endpoints Mode (3S).
Perhaps you want to turn off the governor and try your own custom or 'V' throttle curves.  If that's the case then you can tell the Talon 15A to operate in Fixed-Endpoints mode.  In this mode the Talon 15A doesn't use any of the battery, gearing, motor KV, etc. information.  Instead it operates in a linear mode where (for example) a 50% throttle curve results in 50% output power.  Most head speed calculators can be used to estimate what the output will be for a given throttle value.  Assuming 90% overall efficiency you would end up with something like this:

3S throttle curve values and resulting RPM (Fixed-Endpoints Mode Only).
So for higher 3D RPM you might set your pitch curve to 0-25-50-75-100, and your throttle curve to 95-90-85-90-95.  This would give you approximately 5014 RPM on average, initially*

3S Higher 3D RPM
For lower sport RPM you might set your pitch curve to 0-25-50-75-100, and your throttle curve to 75-70-65-70-75.  This would give you approximately 3900 RPM on average, initially*

3S Lower Sport RPM
Or, you might want a more scale-like setup, where you won't be flying inverted and would like more stick movement (higher resolution) to control your positive pitch.  This would give you approximately 4000 RPM on average, initially*

3S Scale-Like Setup (No Inverted !!!)
It's a good idea to keep the output power (throttle value) between 70% and 95% as recommended by Castle Creations for their governor modes to avoid overheating the Talon 15A. 

* Keep in mind in this mode the RPM will decrease over the duration of your flight as the battery voltage drops.  From start to finish typically the head speed will decrease by a few hundred RPM.


  1. Love all this info but on fixed points I'm confused I have 3 flight modes normal, IU1 and IU@ on a DX6. Is there any way you could be more specific for a noobie on a 180? I want lower head speeds in normal and less DR and higher Expo for sure until I get the hang of this beast. I'm 51 so reaction times are a wee bit slower. If you could could you email me at cliffy_24527@yahoo.com. I'd be grateful for sure.

    1. Or you can hit me up here I check this a lot and still trying to beat all of this into my head LOL.

  2. Hey Cliff! Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate:) That's okay - take your time. I'll start by saying that until you re-program the ESC with that CastleLink tool you're stuck with the factory programmed head-speeds of 4200, 4600 and 5000. So at this point I would use 4200 since it's the lowest you can get at this point. You get 4200 by setting the throttle curve of your DX6 (for either normal, IU1, or IU2, or all of them) to 0-30-30-30-30 (this is a 5 point throttle curve). You can then skip to the "Relaxed Dual Rates, Expo, Pitch Curves and Final Words" page and set those accordingly.

    To help you out, I found some videos that might help you understand what's going on with your DX6. They're older videos for the DX6i, but I think the content is applicable to your radio as well:

    Throttle Curves Explained:

    Pitch Curves Explained:

    Dual Rates & Expo Explained:

    Check these out and see if that helps. If not, ask away and I'll be glad to go into more detail.


    1. Thank you john. I've purchased all need hardware and have set the ESC to Gov. High. now just need to tame down those cyclic movements LOL. This thing is like a hummingbird sniffing cocaine. So yes I have a learning curve ahead of me. PS wear shoes I was messing around and the tail blades just got me a wee but no cuts but Ouch. And yes I'm stupid tight area and socks only. Sad part is I know better.

    2. That would be Thank You John. Caps required on a name always :) I am a terrible typist.

  3. Your very welcome Cliff. Don't sweat the typing - you should try and read what I attempt to send from my phone ! I replied to your email - but in it I gave you throttle curves for fixed-endpoints mode. I see you are running Governor High mode - we'll need different throttle curves for that ...

    1. Awesome thanks so much John. And no more flying in the house for me either although I can fly my 230 in the house if I go into stability mode :)I normally fly a syma F3 inside. Nice stable little FP like the 917.

    2. I'm going to set the ESC to fixed end points today :)

    3. Good Luck! Prior to flying, but after re-configuring the Talon15 and programming your DX6 you might consider removing the main and tail blades and doing some investigative spool-ups on the bench, listening for RPM changes when you change flight modes or when you move the throttle stick (for fixed-endpoints and user created throttle curves). This way you can get an idea for what's going on without committing to flight :)

    4. Had already considered doing just that. Sounds like a good idea to tune my ear in to how fast it is turning at all throttle ranges. TY very much. I will indeed do this :)

  4. I don't fly my 180s in the house - too much potential for damage. The only helis I fly inside are my Hirobo Quarks - they have low headspeeds (1800-2000) and have foam main and tail blades which simply explode when they touch anything but air !