4. Default 3S Setup (3900-5000 RPM) - Set RPM Mode

CastleLink setup menus showing default settings for Set RPM Mode (3S).
Out of the box, the Talon 15A on the 180 CFX is configured in what Castle Creations refers to as "Set RPM Governor Mode" running on a 3S Lipo (11.1V).  In this mode, 3 different rotor head speeds (RPM) are defined: 4200, 4600 and 5000 by default.  The Talon 15A has also been told how many cells are in the flight pack (3), how many teeth the pinion gear has (10), how many teeth the main gear has (104), how many poles the motor has (6) and what the kV is for the motor (5800).  With all of this info the Talon 15A can monitor the motor's RPM, do some math, and determine what it needs to do to maintain those pre-defined RPM.  You can expect around 3 minute flights with the included 3S 450mAh battery pack at the higher RPM.

Typical 3S LiPos that can be used with the 180 CFX (30-46g weight).
The RPM you get depends on the value of your throttle curve - but not in the way you might think.  Instead of the value of your throttle curve directly affecting the output RPM you are given 4 'ranges' of throttle curve values to select those pre-defined RPM.  It goes like this:  
  • 0% throttle curve is motor off.  
  • Up to 50% throttle curve selects the first RPM (4200 by default).  
  • Between 50% and 99% throttle selects the second RPM (4600 by default).  
  • Greater than 99% throttle selects the third RPM (5000) by default.  
It's important to note that out of the box a new 180 CFX will spool up to either 4200, 4600 or 5000 RPM, based on the throttle curves you have set in your transmitter.  There is no in-between or lower RPM to 'test out' or 'get a feel' for.  This thing is ready for some serious action the first time you spool up - you have to be ready for that.

As such, Blade recommends you configure your transmitter's flight mode switch with throttle curves like 0-30-30-30-30 in "Normal Mode" or "Idle Up 1".  And 75-75-75-75-75 in "Stunt Mode" or "Idle Up 2".  And 100-100-100-100-100 in "Stunt Mode" or "Idle Up 3" (if your transmitter supports 3 flight modes).

3S Scale-Like Setup - No Inverted !!! (4200 RPM)
3S 3D Setup (4600 RPM)
3S 3D Setup (5000 RPM)
Because the Talon 15A is checking the ranges of throttle curve values (not the actual values) changing your Normal throttle curve (for example) to 0-30-35-40-45 is still going to give you constant 4200 RPM once you move the throttle stick up.  And, if you try a traditional throttle curve like 0-40-70-90-100 you're going to end up with RPM that abruptly change from 4200, 4600 and 5000 as you move the throttle stick up and down.

So the thing to remember is that out of the box you get only 3 head speeds and the 'range' of your throttle curves is what selects those head speeds.  Those head speeds can be changed with the CastleLink if you like, but initially prepare yourself for 4200, 4600 and 5000 RPM.  You can go as low as 3900 before CastleLink warns you that you're attempting to operate the speed controller outside of it's recommended range:

One of many useful help pop-ups that CastleLink displays to the user.
The last sentence says in order to go lower we should change gearing or the battery pack; we're going to change the battery pack then make some adjustments to the ESC using CastleLink on the 2S Setup page of this blog.

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